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ROSP Automation offers robotized medication management systems for hospitals’ pharmacies. By integrating robots into the pharmaceutical world, we provide a fast and efficient control of liquid medication filling needs.

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We achieve ground breaking performances through collaborative robotic,

computer vision and artificial intelligence (A.I.).

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Hospitals in North America

What we do

In order to meet the high demand of liquid medication encountered in hospitals, it is important for us to provide an automated solution that will address their needs. To do so, the ROSP 2R-150 holds up to 150 different liquid medication bottles, 6 different syringes sizes and 2 industrial robots to replicate pharmacy technician’s movements.

High Capacity

With an average production of 1200 filled doses per shift, our system will enable pharmacies to reach higher production needs, while avoiding choking hazards using more liquid medication. Healthcare providers will be able to focus daily on value added tasks.

High Flexibility

With our patent pending adapter, we can accommodate over 95% of liquid medication bottles on the market. In addition, the 150-2R provides 6 syringe sizes, which follows our customers demand and allows an easier match of the trends in the medical industry.

Fast Integration

Using a user friendly interface, hospitals training time for use of the 150-2R is kept to a minimum. Multiples trainings are avaiable to help staff to achieve new tasks. Moreover, interactive online options are also provided for an added support.  

Added Security

Built in visual inspection provide hospitals a secure verification. Every syringe that comes out of our system is photographed and a copie is stored in internally. Syringe are then individually sealed to ensure security before reaching the patient’s bed.

Adaptive Production

Our automated solution takes all incomming liquid medication prescriptions in charge. In case of an urgent dose to be produced, the system can be paused to create a new order. Our system will keep filling other syringes at the same time.


The ROSP 2R-150 provides production reports to hospitals. Useful information, like consumption volume and medication used, will be quickly available to technicians and pharmacists. This will unlock the potential to an optimized supply chain. 
Our team
Our ROSP Automation team is working hard to make our project happen.

Jérémy is in charge of overseeing the advancements of the project and to manage the business aspect of the company. He studied robotics and automation engineering which give him the knowledge to help the team. His experience as a competitive athlete makes him a great team player and gives him the ability to bring the best out of his teammates.

Jérémy Brouillard, Eng. jr

CEO, Co-Founder

Alex is in charge of developing relations of trust with  potential buyers and investors for the project. As an experienced manager in small and big businesses, his vision and interpersonal skills will unlock the access to key financing deals in a near future. Bachelor in BA, he sure knows how to make good use of his network, which is essential to our growth.

Alex Riopel, B.B.A.

CBDO, Co-Founder

Jérémy is in charge of the design of some mechanical systems included in the machine. He studied in mechanical and automation engineering which gives him a great set of tools to create new and efficient systems. His experience has a student club team captain makes him a great communicator and he is able to follow short deadlines.

Jérémy Marsolais

Mechanical Designer

Vincent is in charge of helping the team about the industry norms regarding the use of the robotic arms. His experience working at Axium and Symbotic gives him a lot of knowledge on the matter.

Vincent Bélanger

Robotics Advisor

Jérémy is in charge of the development of the technology that is built into the machine. His experience in automation engineering provided the tools needed to design the machine. His experience in coordination of a robotics competition makes him a great leader. He is great at finding new ideas that push the project forward.

Jérémy Webb

CTO, Co-Founder

Étienne is in charge of the design of the mechanical subsystems in the machine. His experience in the manufacturing industry gives him the tools to think outside the box and to create outstanding new systems for this project.

Étienne Marquis

Mechanical Designer

Jean-Philippe is in charge of designing and programming the automation part of the system. His experience in the food and drugs industries is a great asset to the team regarding his knowledge of the norms and practices useful for the project. His experience as a white-water rafting guide makes him a great team player and he is able to keep is calm in the most stressful situations.

Jean-Philippe Pedneault

Automation Programmer

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