Storage unit

Our medication storage unit can hold up to 150 different medication bottles. It is designed to accommodate 95% of the medication bottles available on the market. The smart tracking embedded in the storage makes it easy for the staff to keep track of the medication that needs to be refilled. The storage is also able to manage efficiently multiple bottles of the same product to reduce the filling frequency for the most used products.

Exchange area

The medication exchange station makes it easy to refill the machine with the needed medication. With the help of the operator interface, the chances of product mistake is nearly impossible. With the automatic placement of the products into the storage unit, there is no need for the operator to enter the machine. When an item is placed in inventory, all the information concerning the product are entered into the database to ensure the best management of the medication.

Filling station

The syringe filling stations are designed to work with many syringe sizes to fit the needs of every patient. The number of stations present in the machine can accommodate a high demand with the shortest time possible. The ultra precise components used in their fabrication assures that the right dosage is put in the syringe every time.

Packaging unit

The packaging unit is designed to label every syringe with the medication information needed to administer the dose. The unit also put the syringe in an individual packet tagged with the patient information. This way of managing the final product allows the recycling of the dose in case of an unused dose. The information included with the syringe increase the trackability of the product and decrease the possibility of medication mistakes.


The machine is equipped with a visual inspection unit to prevent the presence of air bubbles in the filled syringes. That quality check assures that the right dosage of medication is in the syringes and reduces the waste.

Operator interface

The operator interface built in the machine allows easy control of the process from any member of the staff. The intuitive interface is designed to be learned by anyone in a mater of minutes. The two display interface allows to control the process and to get information on the machine at the same time.